BTI- the biggest industrial exhibition of the Republic of Belarus

During the business program of the exhibition there are the specialized seminars, business-meetings with the participation of the directors of the leading enterprises, trade officials and Media, the presentations of the companies, fashion and shoe collections shows.

Subjects of the exhibition:

  • male and female clothes
  • kid's clothes
  • woven and non-woven textiles
  • knitwear (linen, top, hosiery)
  • lingerie, swimsuits, sleepwear
  • fur, leather, fur and leather products
  • accessories
  • sport and fitness wear
  • home and decorative textiles
  • hats, scarves, shawls
  • shoes and accessories for its production
  • overalls, safety shoes
  • products of medical appointment, medical garments
  • textile and leather goods
  • yarn, thread
  • accessories, finishing materials, embroidery, lace
  • raw materials for textile and light industry
  • equipment for the manufactories of the textile and light industry
  • new technologies in retail and Commerce equipment
  • packaging and label
  • handicrafts